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Easiest Grilled Fish And Veggies

July 1, 2018

Marshall Creek Spice’s exclusive home cook reporter Jen Smith brings us this delicious and easy recipe!

Grilled fish with mixed vegetables in tin foil:
1 lb of fresh cod fish
1lb of asparagus
1/2 lb of zucchini
1 16 oz can of stewed tomatoes
2Tbsp Marshalls Creek Spices Granulated garlic *
2Tbsp Marhsalls Creek Spices Lemon rind*

2Tbsp Marhsalls Creek Spices Seafood seasoning no salt blend  Also available in refill size pouches.*
Salt and pepper to taste *
Chop up all your veggies (stir fry style)
Mix in a large bowel with the stewed tomatoes granulated garlic and lemon rind.
Cut your fish into 3 pieces season with seafood seasoning ,salt and pepper to taste.
Place veggie mixture in a piece of tin foil and top with your seasoned fish. Close the tin foil tight. Repeat for the other 3 pieces of fish and place on the grill. Cook for 4 minutes on both sides.
Top with more fresh lemon and plate.
Cook time 30 minutes
Prep time 30 minutes


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