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Tastes Like A Bagel

March 12, 2017

If you’re from, or have ever been to NYC and the surrounding suburbs, surely you have tasted a famous New York Bagel, Dense yet fluffy, crusty outside and soft in the middle with an unmistakable essence of home baked bread, bagels diverge from there with their toppings. Marshall’s Creek Spices offers a variety of products that can either enhance your bagels, or turn your ordinary bread into a bagel-like experience!

The best example is our jar of Everything Bagel, of course, and it’s also available in a salt-free mix.

“Everything Bagel” is a mixture of sesame seed, poppy seed, caraway seed, flax seed, garlic, onion

Now maybe you don’t like EVERYTHING, and you just want to taste the delicious onion. How do they do that anyway? How do they get those scrumptious little pieces of dried onions? Well, we’re not sure how THEY do it, but you can simply buy a jar of dried minced onion from Marshall’s Creek!

Or…a jar of dried minced garlic. Though we’ve never seen a combination garlic AND onion bagel, you now have the tools to make one yourself.

There are other ways to make your ordinary bread act like a bagel, and they are as follows:

Sesame seeds

Poppy seeds

Sunflower seeds

Sea salt (coarse)

Whether you’re dressing up a freezer bagel, or getting creative with an authentic NY one, Marshalls Creek Spices is your place for the best tasting bagel toppings!


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