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Whole Cinnamon Sticks: Five Reasons To Stock Up

January 1, 2017

The Kitchen website got it right when they recommend we should all keep sticks of the fragrant, diverse spice on hand.

1. Make cinnamon tisane

Steep a cinnamon stick in hot water for a comforting mug of cinnamon tisane, or herbal tea.

2. Flavor your oats

Add flavor to your oatmeal by including a cinnamon stick in the pot during cooking. Simply replace the ground cinnamon with a cinnamon stick. As they cook, the oats will pick up a warm cinnamon scent. Just don’t forget to remove the stick before serving.

3. Use one as a drink stirrer

Fall and winter months and prime time for drinks like warm apple cider, cocoa and hot toddies. Add flavor and a little flair to your drink with a cinnamon stick drink stirrer.

4. Spice up your coffee

Place a cinnamon stick on top of coffee grounds before you begin brewing. A subtle, yet perfect amount of warm cinnamon spice will be infused into your morning coffee.

5. Add it to meat in the slow cooker

Tossing a cinnamon stick into a slow cooker filled with hearty chili, or any slow cooked meat, like a roast or short rib,s will add another delicious layer of flavor and light spice to your meal.


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