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Caraway Seeds Digestive Benefits

November 26, 2016

Dr. Oz featured the incredible healing properties of caraway seeds, and though it was a few years back, we wanted to review the episode as it is relevant to the Holiday season, when people tend to ingest new food, and in great quantities.

Caraway seeds help reduce belly bloating. Sometimes, no matter how much one diets or exercises, they can’t get rid of the lower belly “fat”.  Indeed, this could be because it’s not fat at all, but bloat. The bloating is often a result of bacteria in your stomach that produces gas. Caraway counteracts these bacteria, and the result is reduction of an extended belly. It also reduces discomfort and indigestion.  Dr Oz recommends a handful of caraway seeds after meals throughout the day.

Our natural caraway seed is available in 3 sizes.

It can also be purchased in a cost saving refill bag.

If you want to add Caraway to dishes, try the ground version.


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