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Most Popular Thanksgiving Spices

November 13, 2016

We’ve compiled a list of pantry seasoning must-haves based on how often they show up as ingredients in the most popular Thanksgiving recipes.



Sage is used in Turkey and stuffing. Because the flavor is associated with so many meats & sausages, it is also an important ingredient in vegetarian dishes, such as “mock” turkey. Varieties include whole sage, which can be used in rubbed sage recipes as well as ground sage.

Ground sage standard and large size ($5.99 or $9.99) represent and incredible value over not just the quantity you find in the supermarket, but the quality.

The best value in ground sage is our 7 oz refill bag for only $5.49

Whole sage can be used in recipes that also call for rubbed sage (which is very coarsely ground) and our extra pure variety is sold in three sizes. The small and large whole sage come in a spice container or you can opt for our best value, the 7 oz whole sage refill bag and use the container you already have.

Rosemary is also used in turkey and stuffing.

Available varieties are dried leaves and ground rosemary.

For just $5.49, which is the general price for a tiny container at the supermarket, you can purchase a 7 oz refill bag of dried leaves.

A ground rosemary refill bag is also available.

The 2lb Rosemary recipe jug for $19.95, a savings of over 25% over the smaller sizes.  It’s available for dried leaf rosemary only.

Thyme is also a must have Thanksgiving spice. Though usually added in smaller quantities it is used in more dishes because it not only complements meat but vegetables.

Thyme is available in 3 sizes in the dried leaf form. The price ranges from $5.99 to $34.99 for a 3lb just. 

You can also purchase a refill bag of dried leaf thyme for just $5.49

Our ground thyme is also available in small and medium containers as well as a refill size.

With all the food you’ll have to buy this holiday season, Marshalls Creek Spices offers a significant savings and will arrive in your mailbox within a week.




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