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To Salt Or Not To Salt

November 6, 2016

Salt is that thing that makes food taste good! However, numerous health organizations recommend we cap our intake. Though they suggest we can consume a decent amount (up to 2300 mg) most people eat about 30% more. This is because many foods have “hidden” salt. For example, many processed foods contain copious amounts of NaCl. Sometimes they don’t even taste salty.  Many nutritional experts recommend staying away from fast food & restaurants, and cooking at home more. However, even then, the salt content can be insidious.

For one, almost all spice blends contain salt. Recently, many prominent brands have added “low salt” options. Way ahead of the times, Marshall’s Creek Spices has offered no-salt seasoning blends for over 20 years.

Aside from creating hearth healthy, flavorful dishes, it makes it easier to control what goes into your recipes. Want salt? Add salt! Don’t unwittingly slip it in.


Marshalls Creek Spices offers over 20 no salt seasoning.  Blends range from the standard lemon pepper and fish /poultry rub, to more creative spicy salsa spice mix and taco seasoning.

No Salt Jerk SeasoningFor grilling,  try barbecue spice, fajita spices, blackening seasoning, chicken and steak rubs such as Montreal Seasoning.

Go on a culinary vacation with a variety of no salt ethnic seasonings.  Greek Seasoning is perfect for Tzatziki sauce or gyro meat.  Use Jerk seasoning for your Caribbean inspired chicken dishes. Or make an Australian Steak, mate, with the Outback steakhouse rub.

If your stubborn spouse refuses to eat a heart healthy diet, try using any of these NO salt seasoning mix options to create a flavorful meal.



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