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Spicy Warm Chai Tea. Without the tea.

October 30, 2016
Relaxing warm milk beverage

Chai Tea without the tea or caffeine.

Anyone who is hooked on caffeine, even when it’s a mild addiction, knows the pain of giving it up completely.

I recently spent a few days with a great old friend. To deal with various health issues, she gave up caffeine the week before. Headaches, as well as aching for a sip of coffee, were a few of the daily challenges she had to endure.

A gourmet cook endowed with a treasure trove of culinary information, she invented a panacea right before my eyes! She heated almond milk on the stove and stirred in a mix of spices, to create a cozy warm drink that tasted just like Chai Tea. She reported that not only were her taste buds satiated, but her cravings for real tea had wanted.

Though many studies show that there are health benefits to caffeine consumption, there are conditions where quitting or cutting down is necessary, including heart problems & issues with fertility. Some people simply want to cleanse. Try this simple recipe! It’s flexible, and you can make it your own. Please let us know how you like it, and if it’s helped you.

Mix clove, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, honey and nutmeg in hot coconut or almond milk with optional teaspoon of coconut oil and or butter.  No strict rules as to how much of each. This is a spontaneous recipe, so adjust proportion to your liking.

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