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Coconut-Cranberry Spinach Fruit salad

July 30, 2013

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hey all!  So some of you may not remember, but up until last January, we had delicious, creamy coconut flakes on our shelves. Since then,  we haven’t been satisfied with the quality of coconut flakes that have been available to us – until now.

featuring our fresh batch of sweetened coconut flakes, here’s a fresh citrus salad for those warm summer days.

What you’ll need:

  1. Ok, step one. Now believe it or not, this is the hardest part of the entire recipe. What we have to do is section the grapefruit, and here’s a little trick to make it a hundred times easier. First peel the entire grapefruit, removing the pith as well. Then use a sharp knife to cut the grapefruit away from the membrane in between each slice. Dont forget to do all of this in a shallow dish to save any grapefruit juices that try and escape. we’re just going to toss all that delicious juice into the salad when we add the dressingThe first time you do this, it’s going to be frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a quick and easy way to enjoy fresh grapefruit.
  2. Now that we have the grapefruit sectioned, It’s time to halve the grapes. Throw the spinach, cranberries, and prepped grapes and grapefruit into a mixing bowl, so we can dress and toss this salad.  
  3.  If you have a favorite pre-made dressing, skip this step and go to step 4. if you want to make a dressing right now, listen up.  If you remember nothing else about vinaigrettes, remember this: the magic ratio of oil to vinegar is 3 to 1. As long as you know that, you won’t need to consult a vinaigrette recipe ever again. Just remember three parts oil to one part vinegar and you’ll be all right. For this recipe I chose an awesome peach infused balsamic vinegar, but any fruit infused balsamic vinegar will do, as will red wine vinegar and better yet, Cider vinegar. Pour your vinegar and extra virgin olive oil into a bowl, add a dash of Marshalls Creek Spices Oregano, Marshalls Creek Spices Ground Sea Salt and Marshalls Creek Spices Ground Black Pepper, and if you saved that grapefruit juice, pour it all on in there. Mix that all up very well and you have yourself a perfect homemade dressing.
  4. It’s time to dress this salad. Pour an appropriate amount of dressing into the bowl with the salad and toss like your life depended on it. Once your satisfied, take a handful of  Marshalls Creek Spices Sweetened Coconut Flakes and sprinkle it all up in there. The reason we dont add the coconut flakes until after we dress and toss the salad is because we want that flaky, crispy coconut flavor to stand out in the first bite of the salad. if we drenched the flakes in dressing, they wouldnt be too flaky, now would they?
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