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Simple Sweet Corn With a Twist

July 11, 2013
slow cooked babyback pork ribs, grilled Lobster Tails, Cheese&Parsley sausage pinwheel, and the Pièce de résistance, the charred corn

slow cooked babyback pork ribs, grilled Lobster Tails, Cheese&Parsley sausage pinwheel, and the Pièce de résistance, the charred corn

This past Fourth of July the weather was perfect. We decided to break out the grill, pick up some ribs, pinwheels, chicken, and of course, corn.

The Ribs were fantastic, the pinwheels were delicious, and the chicken was awesome, but the way I seasoned that corn before I put it on the grill was INCREDIBLE! It was so delicious, in fact, that we picked up some more cobs and made it again the next night. A simple, yet delicious recipe, i’m going to walk you through this step-by-step, so you can taste corn on the cob the way its meant to be cooked.

Just a Few Ingredients For this One

•Sweet Corn Cobs

•Marshalls Creek Spices Paprika Lemon & Lime Spice Bouquet

•Marshalls Creek Spices French Grey Sea Salt (Marshalls Creek Spices ground Sea Salt can be used as well)

•Marshalls Creek Spices Ground Black Pepper

•Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for that smooth, silky flavor)

Preparing the Cobs:

1. Grab your roll of aluminum foil and tear off one sheet for each cob of corn you have. the sheets should be around the size of a piece of regular 8 1/2 X 11 paper

2. Lets get our basting brush and extra virgin olive oil out.  Using the Brush, either pour the oil into a bowl and dip the brush in, or pour the oil directly onto the cob and use the brush to spread the oil all over: make sure you brush oil on the entire cob!

3. generously season the corn cobs with the Marshalls Creek Spices Paprika Lemon & Lime Spice Bouquet, and turn the cobs to make sure the corn is completely seasoned. You can season all the cobs of corn at once on one sheet of aluminum paper, or season them separately, it’s up to you. I like to season my corn separately on its own piece of aluminum foil just because that means all the spices and oil that drip off the corn cob are still in there when we wrap it up and throw it on the grill.

4. sprinkle the salt on, turning the cobs as you go. If you are using the French Grey Sea Salt, you can be much more generous because French Grey Sea Salt is a Finishing Salt. It brings a burst of clean, mild salty flavor to the table. Regular ground Sea Salt on the other hand, is much more potent and bitter.

5. Using your fingers, or a pepper mill if you have, lightly sprinkle on a pinch of salt on each side of the corn cob (lets divide the corn cob up into three sides for this step – sprinkle, turn, sprinkle, turn, sprinkle.) The reason we put the spices on after the oil is because if we did it the other way around, the dry spices might tend to slide off the dry cob  rather than stick to the oil-covered corn.

6. Its time to wrap the cobs in the aluminum foil, and turn on the grill to high. Place one cob in the center of the foil sheet and fold the bottom half off the sheet upwards over the cob of corn. then roll the cob up the table until the aluminum foil is wrapped completely around the cob. Grab the extra foil on either end of the cob, and twist like a tootsie roll.


1. this part is really, really simple. Just throw the wrapped corn cobs onto a hot grill and let them cook until everything else is ready to be served. The cobs are great when they’re cooked just enough to be tender, and DELICIOUS when they’re cooked until you unwrap them and see black streaks of well done corn sprinkled all over the cob. Try it both ways, see which one is your favorite, and enjoy!
heres a more specific cooking time. Cook the corn for 15 to 20 minutes. The cobs are done when at least 25% of the corn is charred. Thats the perfect moment to take them off the grill and serve them nice and hot.

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